The Italian company DOA is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic power units and applications with CE mark. The devices are in use worldwide and are characterized by practical, innovative details and robust construction.
DOA is one of the few manufacturers that can customize units and tools to meet customer requirements.
The products are used in the entire area of ​​infrastructure. Whether urban gas, water, sewage or power grids, hydraulic units and tools are precisely tailored to the special needs.
Innovative spirit, modern development, in-house production and above all close cooperation with our customers are the basis of our success.
It is a concern of DOA to use the products to improve their effectiveness, environmental compatibility and, last but not least, occupational safety for the user.
DOA tools are among the most innovative hydraulic products on the world market.
The name is an acronym and comes from Dynamic Oil Steel (in Italian: Dinamica Olio Acciai), the basic elements of our tools.