Cable crimping tools

With our large variety of (hydraulic) pressing and crimping tools you will find your desired product. Make an inquiry today.

Pressing tools and crimping dies for professional applications 

We are proud to offer high quality crimping tools and crimping dies especially designed for professional applications. As one of the few suppliers we cover the range of cable cross sections up to 3500 mm². Especially for public power distribution and railroad applications we have almost all items in stock. 

Hand-hydraulic crimping tools

Our hand-hydraulic crimping tools offer reliable and precise performance for a wide range of applications. Their compact design makes them ideal for mobile use. 

Battery hydraulic pressing tools 

For maximum mobility and flexibility, our battery hydraulic crimping tools offer a cordless solution without compromising performance. 

Hydraulic crimping heads

Our hydraulic crimping heads are the perfect complement to hydraulic crimping tools. Therefore, the crimping heads must be connected to a hydraulic pump. They provide precision and control when connecting cables and wires. All crimping heads with 230 kN and more crimping force have a crimping insert fixation for easier insertion of the inserts. 

Bench presses

Our bench presses are robust and versatile. They are ideal for workshops and production environments. 

Press Inserts 

The right press inserts are crucial for reliable work. Therefore, we manufacture our press inserts for almost all applications ourselves. Thus, customer-specific special designs of press inserts are no problem. Your advantage at KW Hydraulik: Our inserts are compatible with other brands.

Mechanical pressing tools/crimping pliers

Our mechanical crimping tools and crimping pliers with telescopic handle offer an alternative solution for applications where hydraulic tools are not required. They are easy to use yet extremely effective. 

Battery-operated mechanical crimping tools 

For cordless applications, our battery-operated mechanical crimping tools are the ideal choice. They are also cost-effective to operate due to low susceptibility to faults and long maintenance intervals.