AV28 - hydraulically driven blower, 2,000 m³ / h

DOA · DO-AV-28-H


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Product number: DO-AV-28-H
Product information "AV28 - hydraulically driven blower, 2,000 m³ / h"
  • Capacity: 2,000 m³/h
  • Air outlet: D = 200 mm
  • Drive: 20-40 L /min at 140 bar
  • Dimensions: 70x60x50 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
DOA name comes from the initials of Dinamica Olio Acciai (Dynamic Oil and Steel), the acronym synthetize the type of our production, DOA is a company specialized in the production of portable hydraulic tools. In short our philosophy is innovative spirit, pursuit of quality and close collaboration whith the customers.
The DOA objective is to manufacture tools with superior characteristics that can guarantee the maximum of safty, productivity and improve the working conditions of the operators. Our staff is made up of the engineers with a passion of hydraulics and with consolidated experience in the engineering of power tools.
Our products are manufactured with the latest design technology, their incorporate the most modern solutions, some of wich are patented, allowing us to anticipate the customers need and to match any comparison with similar equipment.