Compressors / Fans

Compact air compressor powered by hydraulic gear motor, the tool can work connected to the circuits of power packs, trucks, sky platforms, mobile workshops, excavators and all machines equipped with a suitable hydraulic circuit. The tools of the line can supplies air compressed with flow out put from 400 l/ min to 2000 l/min and pressure from 1 to 10 bar. The exclusive hydraulic motor has control valves integrated that assure protection against excess of flow / speed and other posible hydraulic abuses. This guarantees safety in case the tool is connected to machines with hydraulic values higher then what is necessary.


  1. Compressor head with two stage pistons and air filters
  2. Cooling unit with axial fan protected by safety grill
  3. Base frame
  4. Hydraulic motor. Low noise type with helicoidal gears