High Pressure Pumps

  • Quiet, no vibrations, little maintenance required.
  • Compact dimensions allow easy installation on board machines.
  • With the appropriate accessories, blocked sewers, sewers, drainage pipes, etc. can be cleaned
  • Chemical injector for sucking off solvents, soaps and additives is available on request

Professional pressure washer pumps powered by gear hydraulic motor available in different configurations. Rotative water pumping part with three ceramic pistons to as sure as long reliable service.
Robust and incredibly powerful are ideal used from the hydraulic circuit of trucks, concrete pumps, street sweepers, fishing boats and various vehicles.
Hydraulic functioning is implicit safety, no current means no possibility of electric shock hazard. Standard hydraulic motor without regulations. Hydraulic motor with pre-regulated cartridge at the factory for control of oil flow/speed. Cartridge cannot be adjusted this to prevent wrong regulations of the cartridge itself. Hydraulic motor with adjustable control of: maximum flow/speed and pressure, with electric solenoid 12 V to stop pump rotation when trigger of water gun is released.