Forestry and landscaping / horticulture

Unsere Werkzeuge für Forst- und GaLa Bau umfassen Kettensägen, Abbruchgreifer bis hinzu Drahtseilschneidern. Jetzt das komplette Sortiment ansehen!

23 Chainsaws / pruning shears / log splitters / grabs

  • Log grapple
  • Pruning shears
  • Log splitter
  • Tree stump cutter / drill

25 Demolition and sorting grabs

  • Demolition grab
  • Tree grapple

Chain cutters

Hydraulic chain cutters are suitable for the disengaged, safe separation of chain links. The open design facilitates the insertion of the chain. The d…

Wire rope cutters

Special cutters for cutting flexible wire ropes.
Tools for forestry and horticulture and landscaping
  • chainsaws
  • Tree-breaker with claw
  • wood splitter
  • Chain cutters
  • wire rope cutters
  • submersible pumps