Air compressors / Vacuum / Fans

Discover our high-quality compressors, blowers/fans and vacuum pumps for your projects. Inquire now!
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Hydraulic piston compressor

Inexpensive, compact air compressors up to 1.000 L / min at max. 12 bar.
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Hydraulic screw compressor

Compressed air compressors for 24/7 use. Powerful up to 11,000 L/min at max. 10 bar.
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Vane compressors

Hydraulic rotary vane compressors up to 7,500 L / min at max. 8 bar.
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Blower / Fan

  • For venting
  • Dust binding
  • Blowing out dirt
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Vacuum pumps / suction dredgers

Sauggebläse zur Trennung von Leichtstoffen aus Abbruchmaterial oder zur Reinigung von Gleisanlagen.

Compressors, vacuum and fans: efficiency and performance for your applications. 

Our product range, within compressors, vacuum and fans spans a wide range of tools that are at the heart of numerous industrial applications. Whether you are looking for piston compressors, screw compressors, vane compressors, blowers or vacuum pumps, we have the right solutions for your projects. 

Piston compressors

Our DYNASET piston compressors convert hydraulic power into compressed air. Thus, DYNASET devices are designed for performance and reliability. They offer the ideal compressed air supply for mobile machines, vehicles or ships.

Screw compressors

For applications requiring continuous compressed air, our screw compressors are the optimal choice. Whether for service vehicles, construction machinery or for pneumatic applications in general, screw compressors are the perfect solution for demanding tasks due to their high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. 

Vane compressors

Our vane compressors are compact and powerful. The advantage of these units is that despite their size, they provide equivalent performance to compressors on a trailer. This makes them ideal for mobile applications, e.g. mining machines, drilling rigs or even excavators. 


Whether in industrial processes or in the field of air-conditioning technology - our blowers and fans meet the highest demands in terms of performance and quality. 

Vacuum pumps/suction dredgers 

Our vacuum pumps and suction dredgers are the right choice for applications where vacuum or suction power is required. They are robust, powerful and can be used in various industries. In all the above products, the equipment gets its drive power from hydraulics. Whether you need compressed air, vacuum or air movement, we offer the right tools and solutions for your requirements.