Water high pressure pumps

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High pressure water pumps and high pressure solutions:

First-class high-pressure water pumps and related high-pressure solutions from KW Hydraulik. Our wide range of products includes everything you need for high-pressure technology projects. From street cleaning to firefighting, you'll find high-quality solutions to meet your needs. 

High-pressure water pumps 

Our piston-to-piston high-pressure water pumps are precision engineered to provide powerful solutions for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their 100% separation of hydraulics and water circuit, they are ideal for use in industry, construction and agriculture. In addition, our high-pressure water pumps are suitable for salt water. 

Street cleaning systems

Effective street cleaning requires advanced technology, and our hydraulically powered street cleaning systems are designed to do just that. The complete units with, or without tag, provide cleaning of roads and other traffic areas. 

Drilling fluid pumps

For drilling projects, you need powerful drilling fluid pumps that can stand up to the rigors. DYNASET drilling mud pumps are specially designed to pump drilling fluids. 

Dust control

Controlling dust and debris is critical, especially on construction sites. The dust binding systems effectively convert pure water into fine mist. As a result, the resulting dust can be easily bound. 

Sewer cleaning systems 

Effective sewer cleaning requires specialized equipment, and our sewer cleaning systems for pipes and drains provide just that. They are designed for demanding tasks. 


Quick response is critical in fires, as are the right tools. Our firefighting kit from DYNASET is ideal for this, extinguishing fires without causing water damage. 


In cold climates and at airports, de-icing of surfaces is essential. DYNASET's DE-Icing solutions offer an effective, highly automated and therefore cost-efficient method to remove ice or prevent icing. 

Waste garbage can cleaning 

The cleaning of waste containers can be seen as part of the emptying cycle only by high pressure washing. For this purpose, our products within waste garbage can cleaning are ideal. 

Weed control

Controlling weeds can be a challenge, but our solutions make it easier and more effective. With DYNASET's hot water cleaning equipment, you'll always be one step ahead of weeds and wildflowers. 

Accessories (hose reels, lances) 

We also offer accessories such as hose reels and lances to make your high pressure applications even more efficient. 

Mobile hydraulic high pressure cleaners 

Our mobile hydraulic pressure washers are versatile and ideal for cleaning applications in a variety of environments. 

ROV - High pressure cleaners for underwater use 

For underwater operations and saltwater environments, our ROV high-pressure cleaners offer efficient solutions. 

Tire cleaning system 

Cleaning vehicle tires is important to ensure safety and performance. Our tire cleaning systems are especially recommended for all vehicles that drive from polluted areas on public roads. From agriculture, to road construction, to quarries and clay pits - with our tire cleaning systems you will always drive with clean tires on public roads. 

Flow heaters for high-pressure water pumps 

Our flow heaters are optimal for demanding cleaning tasks of your high-pressure water pumps. By increasing the temperature of the water, you increase the cleaning and friction effect of the water jet. 
Whether you're looking for high-pressure solutions for industrial, commercial or specialty applications, you'll find the best products and support at KW Hydraulik. Our high-quality high-pressure water pumps and accessories are designed to make your projects more efficient and, in part, more cost-effective. Learn more about our wide range of products and discover the world of high pressure technology with KW Hydraulik.