Railway engineering

Für alle Arten von Bahntechnik bieten wir Ihnen eine Vielzahl an hydraulischen Werkzeugen. Besuchen Sie noch heute unser Website!

Vacuum pumps / suction dredgers

The products of this category get their operating power from hydraulics as all our products do.rodukte dieser Kategorie erzeugen einen Luftstrom für V…

01 Hydraulic Pumps

  • For single-acting and double-acting tools / cylinders. 
    Electric, battery, gasoline, compressed air, foot and hand hydraulic pumps 
  • For hydraulic circuits up to 300 HP drive power.
    Electric, petrol and diesel units

18 Breakers

  • Hand-held chisel hammers
  • Hand-held demolition hammers
  • Add-on demolition hammers


<div><ul><li>1/2" bis 675 Nm</li><li>3/4" bis 1632 Nm</li><li>1" bis&nbsp; 3400 Nm</li><li>1-1/2" bis 4760 Nm</li></ul></div>
For years we have been involved in the development of innovative solutions for track, catenary and signal construction.
We have set trends with compact rail drilling machines, rail contacts that can be used on both sides and compact hydraulic power units.
We are currently supplying the first 230 kN cordless press to use the existing 60 mm press inserts (PFISTERER size III).
Our battery pump with GPS position detection for documentation of the workplace is unique on the market. (Distribution via GOLDSCHIDT-ELEKTROTHERMIT).
In addition to our own products, we offer products from:
  • STANLEY Infrastructure
  • DOA