Concrete crushers / pulverizers

With our tools for concrete crushers & pulverizers, you get professional equipment from the specialist. View online now.

Concrete crushers, pulverizers and wall breaking tools for your demolition projects 

Extensive product ranges in the field of concrete crushers, pulverizers and wall breaking tools offers innovative solutions for demolition work in buildings and construction projects. 

Handheld demolition tongs 

Our handheld demolition tongs are the perfect choice when you need to perform low-vibration concrete and masonry demolition. These tools provide precise control and are ideal for indoor use. Thanks to their double-acting 700 bar hydraulic pumps, they offer the power and reliability you need. They are available in three versions: with 230 volt electric motor, 3 hp gasoline engine or a 140 bar hydraulic motor for use with mini excavators and similar machines. With these demolition tongs you can dismantle walls, stairs, pipes, manholes and much more with ease. Easy operation via a twist handle even allows for one-man operation. 

Attachable demolition tongs for mini-excavators up to 5 tons

Our add-on demolition tongs for mini-excavators up to 5 tons are the perfect complement for your machine. They enable vibration- and dust-free demolition and offer a wide range of application possibilities. With a choice of different models and power levels, you're sure to find the right solution for your needs. 

Attachable demolition tongs for excavators over 5 tons

For larger excavators of 5 tons or more, our attachable demolition tongs offer maximum power and versatility. These tools are ideal for professional use in large demolition projects. With a variety of models and options, you have powerful tools to efficiently perform demolition of walls, stairs and other structural elements. 
At KW Hydraulik, we understand the importance of high-quality demolition tools for your projects. The concrete crushers, pulverizers and wall breaking tools we list from reputable manufacturers offer not only quality and reliability, but also the power you need to successfully complete your demolition work.