XLPE cable preparing

Für das Bearbeiten von VPE-Kabeln und ACSR-Leitungen werden spezielle Werkzeuge benötigt. Wir bieten Ihnen hierfür eine Auswahl an Produkten.
Tools for preparing cables and wires

A variety of cable types require customized tools for removing the outer shell, inner insulation and outer conductive layer to prepare these cables for subsequent bonding.

  • Tools for preparing XLPE cables
    - Remove the outer jacket
    - Peeling the extruded field boundary layer
    - settling of the inner insulation
    - edge cutting
    - cone peeling 

Complete solutions for cable assembly
In the areas of medium and high voltage, we offer complete solutions for cable assembly. The tools are used in the installation of connection, transition sleeves and end closures.
The tools are developed together with the manufacturers of power cables, cable connections and users in assembly and laying operations. The tool sets are adapted to the corresponding requirements of cold or heat shrink technology.