XLPE cable preparing

Special tools are required for processing XLPE cables and ACSR cables. We offer you a selection of products for this purpose.

Machining XLPE cables and setting down ACSR overhead lines 

Welcome to KW Hydraulik, your reliable partner for tools for processing XLPE cables and for setting down ACSR overhead lines. A wide variety of cable types demand adapted tools for removing the outer sheath, inner insulation and outer conductive layer to prepare these cables for subsequent splicing. 

Stripping tool 

Stripping XLPE cables requires the right tool, and our stripping tool meets those requirements. These tools are designed to safely and effectively remove the outer jacket of XLPE cables, giving you access to the underlying cable layers. In addition, you can also use our stripping tool to process PVC and PE sheaths. 

Peeling tools for XLPE cables

For a thorough removal of the insulation layer of XLPE cables, we offer peeling tools that ensure a precise and clean working method. These tools are indispensable when working on XLPE cables. The peeling tools are suitable for removing the extruded, hard-welded, outer conductive layer (field boundary). 

Edge cutters for XLPE cables 

Our edge cutters for XLPE cables simplify assembly and reduce push-on force. Cone cutters for XLPE cables Our cone cutters are suitable for conical chamfering of the stepped conductor insulation layer. Thus, you can use the appropriate cone cutter to peel the insulation. These specialized tools are indispensable for this particular application. 

Stripping tools for overhead lines (ACSR) 

Setting down ACSR overhead lines special tools, and our setting down tools provide just that. These tools allow for safe and accurate set down of overhead lines and are specifically designed for use in demanding environments.