Tools for electric power distribution

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Tools for electrical power distribution | KW Hydraulik 

Welcome to the world of hydraulic tools for electrical power distribution at KW Hydraulik. Our specialized solutions offer the highest level of efficiency and precision to meet your power distribution needs. Here is an overview of our diverse product categories: 

Hydraulic pumps single-acting 500-850 bar 

When it comes to powering hydraulic tools that are essential in electrical power distribution, reliable hydraulic pumps are critical. Our single-acting hydraulic pumps in the 500 to 850 bar pressure range provide the power and precision you need to handle tasks in this field with ease. 

Processing XLPE cables and setting down ACSR overhead lines 

Machining XLPE cables and setting down ACSR overhead lines require specialized tools. Our tools are designed to make your job easier in this area. Hydraulic Cable Winches Moving heavy cables requires not only strength, but also control. Our hydraulic cable winches allow you to move and position cables safely. 

Crimping tools 

The correct connection of cables and busbars is crucial for electrical power distribution. KW Hydraulik offers you suitable pressing and crimping tools for this purpose, including matching interchangeable inserts.

Cable and wire cutters 

Precise cutting of cables and wire ropes is of great importance. Our hydraulic cable cutters and wire rope cutters provide the necessary power and accuracy to ensure clean cuts. 

Conductor rail machining

Machining conductor rails requires special tools that meet stringent requirements. Our conductor rail machining centers are ideally suited for this purpose. 

Tools for meter assembly 

The assembly of meters requires tools that meet specific requirements. Our tools for meter assembly offer you safe working during live meter assembly with insulating tools made of non-conductive material. 

Stand punching for sheet metal t < 3 mm and sheet metal punching for material thickness t < 3 mm 

The processing of sheet metal requires tools that can punch precise and clean holes. Our pillar hole punches and hydraulic sheet metal punches are perfect for material thicknesses below 3 mm. At KW Hydraulik, we focus on quality and reliability to ensure that your electrical power distribution projects are successful. Discover our wide range of products and rely on us for precise hydraulic tools that meet your needs.