Tools for electric power distribution

Finden Sie passende Werkzeuge für alle Anwendungsbereiche innerhalb der elektrischen Stromverteilung. Jetzt online ansehen!

Single Acting High Pressure Pumps

  • Hydraulic pumps with an electric motor
  • Hydraulic pumps with battery drive
  • Internal combustion engine hydraulic pumps
  • Pneumatic hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic foot pumps
  • Hydraulic hand pumps

14 XLPE cable preparing

  • Removing the outer jacket
  • Peeling the extruded field boundary layer
  • Removal of internal insulation
  • Edge cutting
  • Cone peeling

28 Cable winch

  • Powerful, lightweight cable winches with high pulling power
  • Over 150 meters range

02 Cable crimping tools

  • Hand hydraulic cable presses up to 400 mm²
  • Battery hydraulic cable presses up to 630 mm²
  • hydraulic press heads up to 3500 mm²
  • hydraulic table presses up to 400 mm²
  • mechanical cable presses up to 240 mm²
  • Crimping dies for tools with interchangeable inserts

03 Cutting tools

  • Underground cables
  • Overhead lines (ACSR)
  • Submarine cables / heavily armored cables / special cables
  • Wire ropes

04 Busbar machining center

  • SSBZ for solid rails up to 12x120 mm and laminated rails up to 10x100 mm
  • TRIS for bending up to 20x200 mm - punching up to a material thickness of 15 mm - cutting up to 15x160 mm
  • BBC- digital machining center for solid rails up to 12x120 mm
  • Individual tools for busbar processing
  • Tools for flexible rails (FLEXIBAR)
  • Profile rail cutting device (DIN rails)
  • Wiring duct cutter

32 Tools for meter mounting

  • Safe working when installing electricity meters under voltage, with insulating tools made of non-conductive material.
  • Advantage: slim design, no damage to the insulation possible.
  • Exact adherence to the optimal tightening torques for screws.

Stand punching for sheets t

Machines for processing sheet metal from switch cabinet doors.

Sheet metal punch for material thickness t

Tools and inserts for punching sheet metal up to a material thickness of max. 3 mm.
Tools for electrical power distribution
  • Cable cutters / Cable shears / Safety cutting systems
  • Crimping tools for cable lugs and connectors
  • Press inserts for cable presses
  • Dropping tools for overhead lines (ACSR ...)
  • Processing tools for XLPE cables (peeling tools / stripping tools / edge trimmers / cone cutters)
  • Counter assembly tools
  • cable winch