Hydraulic power packs

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Hydraulic power units: application examples and solutions 

In the world of hydraulics, hydraulic power units are key to a wide variety of applications that require precision, power and reliability. At KW Hydraulik, we understand the variety of applications and offer custom hydraulic power units to meet the specific needs of your projects. Here are some application examples where hydraulic power units are essential: 

Mechanical engineering and manufacturing 

In the world of mechanical engineering and manufacturing, hydraulic power units are critical. They drive presses, shears, injection molding machines and many other tools that require precision and tremendous force. Our constant-delivery hydraulic power units in the 100 to 350 bar pressure range provide reliable hydraulic flow and enable precise control of machine movements. 

Construction and construction machinery 

The construction of buildings, bridges and infrastructure requires robust equipment that meets the demands of the construction industry. Hydraulic power units with diesel engines up to 275 hp are essential for providing construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers and cranes with the power they need to lift and move heavy loads. 

Agriculture and forestry

In agriculture and forestry, hydraulic power units are an important component of tractors, combines and forestry machines. They enable precise control of attachments and ensure efficient harvesting and timber harvesting. Our hydraulic power units with gasoline engines up to 60 hp provide the power needed for these demanding tasks.

Transport and logistics

In the field of transportation and logistics, hydraulic power units play an important role in moving cargo and goods. Hydraulic lifts, ramps and loading bays rely on a reliable hydraulic power supply to ensure smooth operation. 

Mobile Applications

For mobile applications that require hydraulic power, we offer a variety of solutions, including belt-driven hydraulic pumps (PTO-Belt), generators, compressors and high-pressure pumps (PTO-Set), as well as 12-24-48 volt hydraulic power packs (PTO-Volt) designed specifically for mobile applications. 
KW Hydraulik understands the challenges and requirements in these various applications and offers custom hydraulic power units to meet the specific needs of each project. Our products are characterized by quality, performance and reliability, ensuring optimal operation of your equipment and machinery. Rely on KW Hydraulik to deliver the right solutions for your hydraulic needs and ensure the success of your projects.