ENERGY MOBIL is what we call all vehicles that are equipped with a hydraulic system by KW Hydraulik GmbH.
With the help of hydraulic power transmission, we drive electricity generators, compressed air compressors, high-pressure water pumps and other hydraulic applications in commercial vehicles.
We have hydraulic systems for vehicles with a power take-off on the gearbox, but also for vehicles that don't have a power take-off. In the latter, a hydraulic pump is installed in the engine compartment, which is driven by a V-ribbed belt.
This enables us to use the power of the drive motor for other applications in almost every customer vehicle. It is also possible to retrofit existing vehicles.
  • Use of the existing vehicle engine - no additional combustion engine required
  • Less emissions, no exhaust gases in the hold
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Less weight, more payload
  • Less space required, more storage space for your devices and material
  • No additional fuel in canisters required, no refueling with the wrong fuel
  • Theft-proof because it is permanently installed
  • Powerful and suitable for constant use