Steel and bolt cutter

At KW Hydraulik you will find various hydraulic steel and bolt cutters. Visit our online store and make your inquiry now.

Hydraulic steel and bolt cutters from KW Hydraulik

Our wide range of hydraulic steel and bolt cutters includes high-quality tools specifically designed for cutting steel, bolts, threaded rods, flat steel and much more. With our hydraulic tools, you get precision, performance and reliability for your most demanding jobs. 

Hydraulic Bolt Cutter

Our hydraulic bolt cutters are the perfect choice when you need to ensure tension-free, safe and fast cutting of reinforcing steel and bolts. With their powerful hydraulic performance, they are capable of handling even the toughest materials. 

Hydraulic chain sprinkler 

KW Hydraulik's hydraulic chain splitter provides fast, tensionless and accurate cutting of chains of various sizes. With its hydraulic power, it provides the control you need to cut chains safely and accurately. 

Threaded Rod Cutters 

Our threaded rod cutters are specially designed to cleanly and accurately cut threaded rod to the millimeter. They are ideal for building and construction projects where accurate thread lengths are required. 

Flat Steel Cutters

Our flat steel cutters are powerful tools for cutting flat material. They provide chipless, safe and fast cutting for your flat steel cutting needs. 

Nut Splitters 

Our nut splitters are designed to loosen stuck nuts and bolts with ease. With hydraulic assistance, you can loosen and replace even the most stubborn joints. 


Our nibblers are used to cut sheet metal where long cuts are required. Since they follow the contour when cutting, our nibblers are ideal for cutting guard rails, for example.

Clamping strand cutter

Tension strand cutters are the ideal choice for cutting wire ropes and tension cables. It offers precise cuts and a high load capacity.