Cutting tools

KW Hydraulik offers a wide range of cable cutters and wire cutters. We are looking forward to your inquiry. Visit our online store now!
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Mechanical cutting tools

  • One-handed cutter
  • Two-handed cutter
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Hand-hydraulic cutter

  • For copper and aluminum cables
  • Partly suitable for steel armored cables
  • Two-stage hydraulics (rapid feed)
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Cordless mechanical cutter

with exchangeable batteries
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Cordless hydraulic cutter

  • For separating armored and non-armored copper and aluminum cables
  • Partly suitable for steel armored cables
  • Quick separation with a clean cut
  • With exchangeable battery
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Hydraulic cutting head

for connection to high pressure pumps
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Safety Cutters

For disconnecting live power lines in the event of a fault.
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Overhead line cutters (ACSR)

Special cutters for cutting aluminum steel cables (ACSR).
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Wire rope cutters

Special cutters for cutting flexible wire ropes.

Cable cutters and wire rope cutters for precise cutting and separating.

We are your reliable partner for high-quality cable cutters and wire rope cutters. Our extensive product range offers a variety of tools for precise cutting and separating of cables and wire ropes in different applications. Our proven cable cutters are characterized by their service life and high reliability. We have the right cutter for almost all applications. Discover our product portfolio within cable cutters and wire rope cutters.

Mechanical cable cutting tools 

Our mechanical cable cutting tools are the perfect choice for manual cutting jobs. Available as single-handed and two-handed cutters, they offer efficiency and precision and are versatile.

Hand-Hydraulic Cable Cutters 

KW Hydraulik's hand-hydraulic cable cutters combine power and precision. They enable cutting of armored and non-armored copper and aluminum cables of various sizes with minimal effort. With the appropriate choice of cutter, the cable remains round. 

Battery-mechanical cable cutters 

Battery-mechanical cable cutters are suitable for cutting non-armored copper and aluminum cables and are therefore also suitable for fine-stranded cables. In addition, our cordless-mechanical cable cutters ensure a fast and clean cut that hardly crushes the cable. 

Battery-operated hydraulic cable cutters

Our cordless hydraulic cable cutters with replaceable battery are powerful and versatile. They are ideal for use in locations without power. Reinforced and non-reinforced copper and aluminum cables can be cut quickly and cleanly with one cut. 

Hydraulic cable cutting heads 

Our hydraulic cable cutting heads are specially designed for connection to high-pressure pumps. This means that they can be used both single-acting and double-acting. 

Safety cutting systems 

Safety comes first. Therefore, our safety cutting systems are used for cutting low and medium voltage cables up to 60 kV. If a live cable is accidentally cut, there is no danger to the operator. 

Overhead line cutters (ACSR) 

For special overhead line requirements, our ACSR cable cutters offer a powerful solution. These tools have a blade geometry specially adapted to overhead lines and optimized for the soft aluminum and hard Dräger rope. 

Wire rope cutter 

Our wire rope cutters offer precision and performance when cutting wire rope. The blades are made of special steel, making them extremely tough and hard. As a result, our wire rope cutters can withstand high loads when cutting high-strength wire ropes. 

Tension strand cutter 

Tension strand cutters are indispensable for cutting protruding tension strands. An indispensable tool for prestressed concrete construction.