PTO for small vehicles

With our power take-offs you upgrade your vans according to your own wishes. Visit our website today!
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PTO-BELT - Belt-driven hydraulic pumps

for all vehicles without gearbox power take-off (PTO).
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PTO-SET - Generators, compressors, high pressure pumps, etc.

Complete installation of hydraulically driven generators, compressors, high pressure cleaners, and other applications.
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PTO-WIRE - Tire changing devices

Mobile tire fitting on site. Fast and efficient equipment for professional tire specialists.
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PTO-ROAD - Oil removal devices

Quick and thorough cleaning and vacuuming of the oil trail. Immediately drivable, grippy road surface.
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PTO-UG - Underfloor generator

Kompletteinbau von Unterflur-Generatoren in Fahrzeuge mit Nebenantrieb (PTO)

Power Take Off (PTO) Energy Mobil - Power and efficiency for vans.

Our product range offers a variety of drive solutions for vans based on a hydraulic pump installation. Discover our range. 

PTO BELT - Belt driven hydraulic pumps

Our PTO BELT belt-driven hydraulic pumps are the optimal solution for installation in pickup trucks, vans and trucks up to 7.5 tons. The hydraulic pumps are engaged by means of an electromagnetic clutch. Depending on the set, clutches with 60, 108 and 140 Nm are available. 

PTO-SET - Generators, compressors, high pressure pumps and more 

We bring hydraulics and hydraulic applications to your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a hydraulic pump for an existing application or a complete solution with generator, compressor or other applications, we deliver a complete set with our PTO set.

PTO-TIRE - Tire changing device

The PTO-TIRE tire changing device makes changing tires a breeze. The tire changing device is driven by the vehicle engine. This saves you a lot of space and energy. 

PTO-ROAD - Oil track removal device 

The PTO-ROAD oil spill removal device provides an effective method for quickly removing oil spills from roads in accordance with EU directives. 

PTO-VOLT - 12-24-48 Volt hydraulic power packs 

Our PTO-VOLT hydraulic power packs provide a stable and reliable power supply of 12, 24 or 48 volts. DC power unit for mobile applications.

PTO-UG - Underfloor Generators 

PTO-UG underfloor generators are the perfect solution for mobile power generator applications. They offer a compact and space-saving way to generate power wherever you need it. Optimal for any commercial vehicle with power take-off.