FEP Engineering was founded in 2004 by experts in the design and production of electronically controlled hydraulic equipment.
Our established customers include Würth Elektronik, which has ranked the company a CLASS A supplier for its superior performance in three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019).
The company is focused on designing and manufacturing complete hydraulic systems for vehicles operating in a wide range of sectors.
FEP Engineering has brought together the expertise of experienced professionals in the fields of mechanics, hydraulic systems, electronics and component production to meet the requirements
of clients increasingly looking for technological innovation at an economic price.
Our custom electronic circuits control the torque and engine speed of a wide range of commercial vehicles, so as to take off the power of the engine for hydraulic systems mounted on vehicle, thus optimizing fuel consumption.
FEP Engineering manufactures modular systems to meet the specific needs of the customer, enabling the highest efficiency performance thanks to the combination of hydraulic and electronic control.
There are a wide range of applications for these machines, from the road assistance sector with workshop wagons, to tire specialists, municipal and private companies working on gas and water networks, energy and road, through to military applications.