Generators / Magnets / Welding

Generatoren, Magnete und Schweißgeräte alles aus einer Hand bei KW Hydraulik. Unsere breite Palette an Produkten in dieser Kategorie ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Energie und Leistung zu erhalten, die Sie für Ihre Projekte benötigen. Entdecken Sie die Welt der
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Standard generators protection class IP23

Universally applicable hydraulically driven generators up to 250 kVA.
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Standard generators protection class IP54

Hydraulically driven generators with cable outlet for connecting a terminal box.
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DC Direct current generators IP23

12 or 24 volts direct current.
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Generators for variable speeds

Hydraulisch angetriebener Generatoren zum Einsatz bei schwankenden Drehzahlen der Antriebsmaschine, beispielsweise im fahrenden LKW.
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Generators with integrated welding unit

Ideal für Wartungsarbeiten und Reparaturen vor Ort.
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Generators for ground power supply

Gleichstromversorgung nach Luftfahrtstandard mit besonders hoher Stromstärke: 28 VDC bis 200 A
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Magnets with integrated hydraulic generator

The units can be operated on different excavators without any modifications.
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Magnetic disks

Different sizes and shapes for every use.
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Magnet generators for mounting on the magnet

This makes the magnet usable for many excavators.
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Magnet generators for assembly on the excavator

By mounting it on the excavator, the load on the excavator is less impaired.
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Complete generator sets for commercial vehicles

Complete installation of hydraulic generators in small high-roof combos (VW CADDY) up to large box vans (MERCEDES SPRINTER).

Generators, solenoids and welding equipment: KW Hydraulik offers first-class solutions

Generators, solenoids and welding equipment all from one source at KW Hydraulik. Our wide range of products in this category allows you to get the power and performance you need for your projects. Discover the world of generators, solenoids and welding equipment from KW Hydraulik. 

Standard generators protection class IP23 

Our standard IP23 rated generators are an excellent choice when you need reliable power. With proven technology and world-class construction, they provide the power needed for a variety of applications. 

Standard IP54 generators 

Standard IP54 generators are ideal for environments where additional protection is required, and also offer outstanding performance.

IP23 DC generators 

Our IP23 DC generators are specifically designed for applications that require a stable DC power supply. They provide a reliable power source and are versatile. 

Generators for variable speed 

DYNASET variable speed generators offer flexibility and control over the power generated. They adapt to the changing needs of your applications and provide optimal efficiency. 

Generators with integrated welder

Our generators with integrated welders are the perfect solution for applications that require both power supply and welding functions. They offer high power and efficiency in a compact package. 

Generators for ground power supply (airport) 

DYNASET generators for ground power supply are tailored to the specific requirements of airports. They provide reliable ground power for aircraft tractors, pushback vehicles, airport vehicles and service vehicles. 

Solenoids with integrated hydraulic generator

Our solenoids with integrated hydraulic generator are an innovative solution for generating energy from hydraulic power. They are ideal for recycling and demolition applications. 

Magnetic plates

Our magnet plates with electrical connection offer a powerful solution for lifting and holding heavy loads. 

Magnet generators for mounting on the magnet 

As a perfect complement for your equipment provide a reliable power source directly at the work site. The important thing for this is that the magnets are connected to the hydraulic circuit of your machine. 

Magnet generators for mounting on the machine 

Our magnet generators for mounting on the machine are the perfect complement for your equipment. This placement will have less impact on the usable lifting capacity of an excavator. 

Complete generator sets for commercial vehicles

For commercial vehicles, we offer complete generator sets that provide power on the road. These sets are robust, durable and perfectly matched to the requirements of your vehicles.