Excavator buckets

Find out about our offer within the excavator buckets. Sieve buckets and jaw crusher buckets for your dredging needs. Visit website now.

Excavator buckets: High-quality tools for your excavation work. 

Welcome to KW Hydraulik, your reliable partner for hydraulic tools. Our excavator bucket category offers a wide range of high-quality solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the construction and demolition industry. Discover our product range and maximize the efficiency of your excavation work. 

Screening buckets

Efficient sorting and separating Our screen buckets are specially designed to perform sorting and separating of materials efficiently and precisely. With our HSB series, we offer 11 models for excavators from 3 to 40 tons. These screening buckets range in capacity from 0.2 to 1.5 m³, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. 

HCB Series Jaw Crusher Buckets

Powerful Crushing Our HCB Series Jaw Crusher Buckets are ideal for powerful crushing of hard material. With a choice of 3 models designed for excavators from 12 to 45 tons, they offer capacities from 0.5 to 0.9 m². Our jaw crusher buckets are designed to handle even the most demanding jobs with ease. 

Vibrating bucket valves

Precise Control For precise control and fine-tuning of your hydraulic tools, we offer vibratory valves for buckets. These valves provide targeted vibration to increase digging and grading efficiency. With our vibratory valves, you can handle materials more easily and improve the quality of your work.
At KW Hydraulik, quality and performance are our top priorities. Our backhoe buckets and hydraulic tools are designed to meet the high demands of your projects. Rely on our products to make your excavation work more efficient and productive. Learn more about our product line and find the perfect hydraulic tools for your needs. KW Hydraulik - your partner for hydraulic solutions.