Demolition Shears

With the hydraulic shears and spreaders you are ready for your next application. Visit our website now.

Hydraulic shears and spreaders 

Hydraulic shears and spreaders are suitable for demolition of metal structures, scrapping of steel and other applications. Whether on the construction site, or in the recycling industry, the hydraulic shears and spreaders are an indispensable tool for both sectors.

Hand-guided recycling shears & scrap shears 

Our hand-held recycling shears and scrap shears are precise, powerful and reliable. They are ideal for shredding and processing metal, scrap and other materials. In addition, you can choose from three drive types for our handheld scrap shears and recycling shears. 

Drive types of recycling shears & scrap shears 

Connection to a hydraulic power unit With integrated battery electric hydraulic drive With integrated gasoline engine hydraulic drive Hand-operated rescue shears, combination shears and spreaders In critical rescue situations, every second counts. Our hand-guided rescue shears, combination shears and spreaders are perfect for (fire department) rescue operations. 

Attachable scrap shears for excavators up to 5 tons

For heavier tasks, we offer mounted scrap shears that can be attached to excavators up to 5 tons. These shears are particularly robust and powerful, perfect for professional use in the scrap processing and recycling industry. 

Attachable demolition shears for excavators over 5 tons 

Our attachable demolition shears are designed for excavators from 5 tons and are available with different opening widths. They are ideal for demolition and demolition work in construction and industrial environments.