Attachments for construction, agricultural and municipal machinery

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Construction project

 In the construction industry, attachments are essential to tackle heavy-duty jobs. Backhoe loaders, bulldozers and mini-excavators are often equipped with various attachments, including buckets, grapples, hydraulic breakers and demolition tongs. These attachments allow construction projects to be completed more efficiently and flexibly. 

Backhoe buckets 

Our high-quality backhoe buckets are specifically designed for use in construction projects. They allow you to dig, lift and transport materials with great efficiency and precision. 

Demolition Hammers

Demolition work requires robust tools. Our demolition hammers are designed to break through concrete and masonry and are ideal for demolishing buildings and structures. Concrete Breaking Tongs Concrete breaking pliers are essential when it comes to breaking or cutting concrete surfaces. Our concrete crushing tongs offer high performance and precision. 

Agricultural applications

In agriculture, attachments play a key role in working fields and harvesting crops. Tractors can be equipped with plows, mowers, round balers and many other attachments to make farming tasks easier and faster. 

Pile drivers / vibratory plates 

Our pile drivers and vibratory plates are ideal tools for agriculture. They allow piles to be inserted and the soil to be compacted for optimal attachments. 

Municipal machines 

Municipal machines such as street sweepers, snow plows and mowers are critical to the care and maintenance of public areas. Attachments allow these machines to adapt to the changing demands of different seasons and environments. 

High-pressure water pumps

High-pressure water pumps are essential in municipal cleaning. They are ideal for street cleaning, graffiti removal and pipe cleaning to keep urban areas clean and safe. 

Earthmoving and material handling 

Earthmoving and material handling machines, including wheel loaders, telehandlers and forklifts, are often equipped with attachments such as buckets, forks and grapples to lift, transport and stack materials. 

Backhoe buckets 

Our backhoe buckets are perfect for earthmoving and material handling tasks. They make digging, lifting and transporting materials easier on construction sites and in warehouses. 
KW Hydraulik offers a wide range of high-quality tools and attachments that can be used in various industries and applications. Our products feature quality, reliability and performance, helping to ensure the efficiency and success of your projects. Rely on KW Hydraulik to deliver the right solutions for your specific needs.