Drills / impact wrench / auger

Discover the range of handheld drills and impact wrenches from KW Hydraulik. Browse our online store now.

Hand-held drills and impact wrenches 

Whether you're in the construction industry, skilled trades or other demanding fields, our hand-held drills and impact wrenches are the perfect companions for your projects. 

Hydraulic impact wrenches

Our hydraulic impact wrenches set the standard for power and efficiency. With a good selection of models, we offer the ideal solution for professional applications. Our hydraulic impact wrenches feature high torques up to 4760 Nm, robust designs and a long service life. 

Hydraulic drills & hammer drills 

For precise drilling and hammer drilling, our hydraulic drills and rotary hammers are the right choice. Whether you're working in concrete, metal or underwater, our tools deliver the power and accuracy you need. Available with a variety of connections, such as air or water flush connections, our hydraulic drills and rotary hammers are the perfect companion for professional jobs. 

Core drilling machines 

Hydraulic core drills can be used for standard drill racks as well as hand-held tools. With the purchase of a core drilling machine you have the possibility to perform a wide variety of jobs. 

Drill mounts 

Our drill mounts for mounting on excavators can drill vertically as well as horizontally. Learn more about the advantages of our drill mounts and how they can optimize your work processes. 

Hand-held earth drills

For outdoor and off-road work, we offer hand-held earth drills from STANLEY® that provide efficient drilling in a variety of soil types. These rugged tools are versatile and ideal for construction and landscaping jobs. You can operate the hand-held earth auger alone or in pairs. 

Angle drills and ratchets 

Angle drills and ratchets were designed as a power unit for drilling gas and water pipes. Therefore, they are perfect for applications in hard-to-reach places. They offer the necessary flexibility and precision to work effectively in tight spaces. But the angle drills and ratchets are also well suited for other applications.