Busbar machining center

Depending on your needs, you will find suitable products for busbar processing at KW Hydraulik. Visit our online store today.
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SSBZ - busbar machining center 12x120 mm

  • Bending 
  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Step bending
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ERKO - busbar machining center

Digital machining center for bending, punching and cutting solid rails up to 12x120 mm.
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Individual tools for busbar processing

  • Cutting tool for massive busbars
  • Bending tool for massive rails
  • Cross bending tool for massive rails
  • Hole tool for massive rails
  • Punching tool for laminated rails
  • Stripping tool for laminated rails
  • Twisting tool for massive rails
  • Processing status
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Processing flexible rails and grounding straps

  • Bend and twist flexible rails
  • Cutting flexible rails
  • Put down flexible rails
  • Punch / drill flexible rails
  • Drill earthing straps

Busbar machining center with precision and performance 

Our product range covers all requirements in the field of conductor rail machining and offers customized solutions for a wide variety of projects. Discover the world of busbar machining with KW Hydraulik and secure tools that guarantee quality and performance. 

SSBZ - Conductor rail machining center 12x120 mm 

Our SSBZ - Conductor Rail Processing Center is the ideal choice for bending, punching and cutting solid rails up to 12x120 mmm and laminated rails up to 10x100 mm. 

TRIS - Conductor rail processing center 20x200 mm

With our TRIS - busbar processing center for busbars up to 20x200 mm, even demanding applications are no longer a problem. Bending up to 20x200 mm, punching up to material thickness 15 mm (max. diameter 25 mm) and cutting up to 15x160 mm. 

BBC - Conductor rail processing center

Our digital BBC - busbar processing center offers bending with automatic angle correction (rebending function), as well as punching and cutting of solid bars up to 12x120 mm. 

Single tools for busbar processing

For specific requirements we offer a selection of single tools for busbar processing.Suitable for solid conductor rails and laminated rails. 

Processing of flexible busbars 

Our solutions for processing flexible conductor rails allow you to precisely adapt them to different projects. 

Profile rail cutter

Our profile rail cutters provide a simple and precise method for cutting profile rails. 

Wiring Channel Cutter

Our wiring channel cutters are used to cut wiring channels accurately and at right angles.