HRD28X - Hydraulic hammer drill with connection for air purging

Product number: HY-HRD-28-X
Product information "HRD28X - Hydraulic hammer drill with connection for air purging"
The HYCON HRD28X is a high performing handheld rock drill designed for the toughest drilling applications in granite and concrete up to 6 meters of drilling depths.
Using standard integral drill steel with air-flushing from an external compressor combined with a high performing hydraulic impact and rotation unit makes the HRD28X a lighter, powerful and efficient rock drill. 
The HRD28X rock drill is ideal for anchoring holes as well as blast- or splitting holes measuring between 25-50 mm when you need to drill deeper with maximum air flushing. 
Combined with a compressor of your choice, it is made for underwater drilling, making it the professional divers rock drill choice no.1. 
Blending the hydraulic and pneumatic advantages in one product, you get a rock drill that can drill anywhere, go deeper and still light enough to use for many hours. 
Simply connect it to one of HYCONS compact hydraulic power packs and a compressor – and start drilling.​ 
  • Made for underwater use and deep drilling 
  • For deeper handheld drilling in narrow spaces where drill rig is not an option
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for drilling holes for explosives or chemicals where more depth is needed
  • Recommended for up to 6 m depth / Ø34 mm drilling in granite (depending on compressor). 
Consult one of our salespersons for recommendations for deeper and wider drilling