HP130U - Hand hydraulic crimping tool, 130 kN, for inserts series "130-C"



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Product number: HP-131-U
Product information "HP130U - Hand hydraulic crimping tool, 130 kN, for inserts series "130-C""
  • For crimping dies series "130-C", compatible with KLAUKE series "13", DUBUIS "C130"
  • Ideally suited for assembly work.
  • Not recommended for mass assembly
  • Rotary and opening crimping head , opening jaw 38 mm
  • Two-stage hydraulic system reducing the number of pumping
  • NEW! Piston with mechanical stop. This system prevents damage to the holder of the insets, in case of accidental use without insets
  • Pressing force 130 kN, allows pressing of:
    max. 400 mm² copper cable lugs
    max. 240 mm² aluminum cable lugs 
    suitable for pressing deep impact mandrel connectors
  • Using with semi-circular dies common to all 120/130 kN tools
    Extreme large range of crimping dies 
  • Automatic pressure relief control
  • Manual backflow anytime possible
  • Shipment:
    - Crimping Tool with adapter
    - Carrying Case 
Properties from "HP130U - Hand hydraulic crimping tool, 130 kN, for inserts series "130-C""
Crimping force: 130 kN
Crimp insert series: Series 130-C / Series 13 / wide C-shell for 120/130 kN tools
Drive: Manually operated
DUBUIS, a small company since 1949, belongs to the group Stanley Black & Decker. It designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of manual and battery powered hydraulic tools for the markets of:
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  • Railroad,
  • Sanitary,
  • Aviation.
DUBUIS refers to the production of "made in France" tools and relies on its network of local subcontractors to ensure all the flexibility and responsiveness of its production.
The processes for research, development and production are integrated at the Blois site and ensure the control of the know-how and the quality of the products. More than 1,000 customers who are known for their innovative strength trust him.
DUBUIS distributes its tools in France, but also in more than 35 countries around the world, by enabling long-term partnerships. Founded in 1949 in Blois, in the Loire Valley and in the castles, DUBUIS is 1:30 hours south of Paris and is accessible via the A10 or TGV motorways.

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