Nut splitter

Nut sprinklers are used to loosen nuts, which can not be solved by turning, for example due to severe corrosion. Although it destroys the mother, but leave the bolt thread usually intact.

Nut sprinklers consist of a ring or bow-shaped frame, which is placed around the nut. There is enough space for this, so that the nut splitter can be created.
The mother is incised through the incisor and the mother expands until it bursts. The threaded bolt is usually hardly damaged.
In contrast to alternative methods such as the use of chisels or cut-off wheels, nut splitters have the advantage that there is little or no risk of flying sparks and splinters.

Hydraulic nut splitter double action MSP-108136-DW
Hydraulische Mutternsprenger doppeltwirkend: M70 bis M90, SW108 bis SW136
Hydraulic nut splitters with integrated pump HMSP-3241
Mutternsprenger mit integrierter Pumpe: M22 bis M27, SW32 bis SW41
Hydraulic Single Action Nut Splitter MSP-1732
Mutternsprenger einfachwirkend: M10 - M22, SW17-32