Dynaset Vacuum Pressure products convert the hydraulic power of mobile machinery, vehicles, and vessels into high-volume airflow. The airflow of the Vacuum Pressure can be used for other vacuum or air blow applications that require powerful airflow.

High-volume Airflow Products for Vacuum and Air Blow Applications

Dynaset provides high-volume airflow products for vacuum and air blow applications. The user of the products can save time and money because the airflow can work as a vacuum and air blower. The ability to vacuum clean demolition and construction sites saves money and the environment because debris and waste that is spread by the wind can be easily and quickly collected. Also, the sorting of waste is much easier because the vacuum cleaner can pick up the lighter stuff like plastic and wood from the demolition debris. The hydraulic system of machines, vehicles, and vessels are utilized as the power source for Dynaset hydraulic equipment.

Advantages of the Vacuum products

  • DYNASET HCF provides powerful air blow or vacuum with one unit. Makes high volume airflow applications possible in mobile usage
  • Runs without secondary engines since they have small, integrated hydraulic motors
  • Makes efficient and fast recycling possible in construction sites and demolition sites
  • Provides environmental-friendly option since does not produce air pollution
  • Provides a fast way to pick up pieces of plastic, wood, insulator wool, and light expanded clay aggregate (LECA)
  • Leaves only a small carbon footprint