Pile driver / Vibratory plates / Vibration

Perfectly suited for the construction industry - our pile drivers, vibratory plates and vibratory pumps. Get a quote now!

Pile driver, vibratory plate and vibration 

Pile drivers, vibratory plates and vibration pumps are perfect for the construction industry to prepare foundations and other structures. With our wide range of pile drivers, vibratory plates and vibratory pumps, you can find innovative solutions for your construction and driving needs. 

Pile drivers and vibratory plates 

Our pile drivers and vibratory plates are the perfect choice for preparing the ground for foundations, piles and other structures. Learn more about our product line: 

Attachment Pile Drivers 

Our add-on pile drivers are designed to efficiently drive piles into the ground and are compatible with a wide range of excavators. They offer maximum performance and precision. 

Attachable vibratory plates/compactors 

Our add-on vibratory plates and compactors are the ideal solution for compacting soil and providing a stable foundation. They are versatile and offer first-class results. 

Vibratory pumps/valves 

Our vibratory pumps and valves are critical equipment for excavators and backhoe loaders. Learn more about the different models: 
  • HC Series Vibratory Plates: With 8 models for excavators from 0.8 to 38 tons and plate weights from 110 to 1150 kg, these vibratory plates offer premium performance and versatility. 
  • STANLEY Vibratory Plates HSX Series: This series includes 4 models for excavators from 2.2 to 65 tons and plate weights from 168 to 998 kg. They offer outstanding results for demanding tasks. 

HYDRA pile driver

Our HYDRAHAMMER series HMP pile drivers are available for excavators from 2 to 20 tons and offer a driving weight from 320 to 1000 kg. They are perfect for driving piles and piers. 

DYNASET vibratory valves 

Our HVB series DYNASET vibratory valves are mounted on the bucket cylinder and generate pulsating vibrations. The valve starts when the oil circuit is switched on. Additionally we offer: 
  • DYNASET series HVD - Directional vibra loader: this valve is mounted on the tool (e.g. bucket) and generates a strong shock at 50 Hz / 70 kN.
  • DYNASET series HVC - vibratory plates: These valves require HVD for actuation and are ideal for vibratory plates. 
  • DYNASET series HRC - Hydraulic reversal cylinder: These valves generate a saw motion at 5 Hz / 16 kN and are mounted on tools.

Post extractors

Our post extractors are specially designed to remove posts safely and efficiently. At KW Hydraulik, we offer world-class solutions for your pile driving and vibration needs. Our products are designed for quality and performance, allowing you to smoothly complete your construction projects. Contact us to learn more about our products and find the ideal solution for your project.