STANLEY CO25 - hydraulically driven cut-off saw, Ø 350 mm



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Product number: STANLEY CO-25-54101
Product information "STANLEY CO25 - hydraulically driven cut-off saw, Ø 350 mm"
Lightweight and Powerful, the Stanley CO23 Underwater and CO25 Cutoff Saws are ideal for cutting concrete, masonry, pipe, structural steel beams and guardrail.
CO25 Land Model
Multi-Hand Position Cast Aluminum Handle with Interlocking Safety Trigger provides ergonomic grip at a variety of tool angles for reduced operator fatigue.
Tamper-Proof Flow Control meets ANSI specification for speed control, reducing the risk of over-speeding the cutting wheel.
Cutoff Saws can be used with readily 
available standard abrasive wheels and wet or dry diamond blades.
Internal Blade Brake retards spindle rotation upon release of trigger to greatly reduce wheel coast time.
Adjustable Cast Aluminum Wheel Guard is designed to provide excellent durability, allow cutting near obstructions and minimize tool weight.
Available Handle Extension Kit provides for upright operation to meet operator preference.

  • OUTPUT CAPACITY 14 in wheel 35.6 cm
  • INPUT FLOW RANGE 7 - 9 gpm 26 - 34 lpm
  • INPUT PRESSURE 1500 - 2000 psi 105 - 140 bar
  • OPTIMUM FLOW 8 gpm 30 lpm
  • WEIGHT 20.00 lbs. 9.1 kg
  • LENGTH 21 in 53.3 cm
  • WIDTH 11 in 28 cm
  • PORTING 8 SAE O-Ring
  • CONNECTOR 3/8 in Male Pipe Hose End
  • Delivery without disc (please order separately)