HYDRA JOY3-GEO+SL400+TR1200 - self-propelled vertical drilling rig

HYDRA · HH-JOY-3-G+SL400+TR1200


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Product number: HH-JOY-3-G+SL400+TR1200
Product information "HYDRA JOY3-GEO+SL400+TR1200 - self-propelled vertical drilling rig"
Hydraulic drilling rig JOY-3-GEO+SL400+TR1200 Fully equipped for geothermal drilling
Special model specially equipped for drilling boreholes in the field of geothermal energy (heat pumps).

  • DOOSAN D34 diesel engine STAGE V with 100 kW 
  • Mount SL400 with 3600mm stroke
    pressure and traction (each 10 tons) 
  • TR1200 hydraulic drill head
    30-600 rpm 
  • Fixing table for the horizontal displacement of the hydraulic rotary actuator radio 
  • remote control 
  • Triple pump 300 L/min at 50 bar 
  • Worm pump 1000 L/min at 20 bar 
  • Double clamp Ø205mm
    Movable on the mast, swiveling upper clamp (crushing cylinder) lower clamp, Shifting cylinder along the mast with 400 mm stroke
  • Winch, 25 meter rope, 3000 kg lifting capacity 
  • 40 tubes Ø152x1500 mm (60 m)
  • Crown for tubes Ø 152 mm 
  • External driver Ø 152 mm 
  • Internal driver Ø 90/152 mm (2"3/8api) 
  • 40 poles Ø 88.9x1500 mm (2"3/8api R.) (60 m)
  • Down-the-hole hammer 5" (approx. 125 mm) 
  • Drill tip for down-the-hole-hammer 

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