HYDRA GEO-EASY - Self-Propelled Static / Dynamic Penetration Meter



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Product number: HYDRA GEO-EASY
Product information "HYDRA GEO-EASY - Self-Propelled Static / Dynamic Penetration Meter"
Static / dynamic penetrometer GEO-EASY-10 and GEO-EASY-20 for geotechnical testing and drilling with auger rod for sampling.
These machines were developed to carry out geological sampling and investigations on soil. The most important aspects were user friendliness, easy transport due to small dimensions, versatile areas of application. Controllable at a distance with control panel.

The standard equipment allows 4 types of samples to be carried out:
  1. Static tests up to 100 kN for GEO-EASY-10, 200 kN for GEO-EASY-20
  2. Heavy dynamic tests
  3. Sampling and rotary drilling
  4. Sampling with a percussion drill

  • Semi-automated method with data collection
  • piezocones

Machine standard equipment:
  • rotary head
  • Static testing instrument
  • Dynamic testing instrument
  • 1 BEGEMANN drill bit
  • 20 m bars for static tests
  • 1 dynamic drill bit
  • 20 m bars for dynamic tests
  • 1 extension system for dynamic and static bars
  • 2 lateral anchors
  • 1 screw anchor pull system
  • 2 hydraulic rotary heads for anchor operation
  • 1 data display
  • 1 tool box with wrench set