DOA WP116 - Self-Priming pump with hydraulic motor for evacuation from siphons of gas networks

DOA · DOA WP-116


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Product number: DOA WP-116
Product information "DOA WP116 - Self-Priming pump with hydraulic motor for evacuation from siphons of gas networks"
WP116 is a modern self priming water pump with hydraulic motor. The pump is designed for the suction and evacuation of water that accidentally entered in the collecting siphons located in the lower parts of gas networks. Water can enter into gas pipes after ruptures or maintenance interventions, this mass of water accumulated in the lower part of the network can fill up the siphons and also overflowing choking the pipes and preventing the normal free gas passage that inevitably flows away by “waves” causing water entering and damaging the gas meters and creating other problems that are well known by the gas maintenance crews. 
WP116 is made in spark free bronze and with moving parts without metal/metal contacts so no possibility of creating localised overheated points. The hydraulic functioning (no electricity!) means implicit safety that has to be absolutely guaranteed in this delicate operation. For the use is enough to connect the suction mouth of pump with a flexible hoses to the siphon and then prime and pump out the mixture water/ gas / air, all in absolute safety and with the gas line in normal working condition. The fluid extracted has to be successively disposed according to local rules as it is a special waste. WP116 is unique in its type, for characteristics, function and safety assurance cannot miss in the equipment of modern gas maintenance crews.

  • Practical, robust and safe is irreplaceable in its application
  • Fabricated in “spark free” anti explosive bronze
  • Large water filter prevents dirt and metal chips to enter in the pump
  • The water filter can be open in few seconds for cleaning and inspection
  • Requires minimal and easy maintenance

Technical specifications:

  • Water flow rate:
    110 L / min at 1 meter rise
    25 L / min at a height of 20 meters
  • Delivery head: max. 20 meters (2 bar)
  • Suction height: max. 6 meters above the water level
  • Hose connection: Ø40mm (suction and pressure line)
  • Ideal suction diameter: 25 mm
  • Water quality: filtered water
  • Hydraulics: 20-30 L / min at 100-210 bar