Self-propelled machines

For all earthworks, KW Hydraulik has the right tools at your disposal. Discover our range for earthworks today.
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Attachment auger

With three classes and 16 models, we offer the right auger drive for every excavator size.
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Mounted drill heads

Robust, long-life drill heads in different sizes and with different drill shafts.
Damped shafts are available for some models.
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Self-propelled drilling rigs

with movable drilling mounts for vertical, inclined and horizontal drilling.
Different drill heads for different drilling techniques.
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Mounted drill rigs

Four columns of different strengths can be manufactured in different lengths.
Cross slides, slewing rings and numerous extras make these mountings universally applicable.

Earth drills, drill rigs, drill rigs and pile drivers 

Our extensive product range includes earth drills, drill heads, self-propelled drilling rigs and drill rigs from renowned manufacturers known for their quality, reliability and performance. Explore the world of drilling and pile driving and find the perfect tools for your projects. 

Attachment Earth Drilling Rigs 

Our add-on earth drilling rigs are the ideal choice for performing efficient and precise drilling work. With a wide range of attachments for hydraulic excavators, you can perfectly adapt the equipment to your needs. 

Attachable drill heads 

Our attachable drill heads are characterized by their robustness and durability. Damped shafts are also available for some models. 

Self-propelled drilling rigs

Our self-propelled drill rigs are the perfect solution for projects where drilling in the vertical, inclined and horizontal directions is critical. Whether rotary drilling, percussive drilling, drilling with air or down-the-hole hammer drilling, our self-propelled drilling rigs cover the widest range of applications. 

Drill mounts 

HYDRA's drill mounts are universally applicable, as they can be manufactured in four different strong columns in various lengths. They provide a solid basis for efficient drilling and pile driving and can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements.