High pressure - ultra fine water mist extinguishes fires without causing water damage
  • Carrier vehicles and machines:
    Fire-fighting vehicles and ladders, trucks, aerial work platforms, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles, etc. 
  • Applications:
    Fire fighting, foaming, cleaning, high pressure cleaning, etc. 
  • Properties:
    Complete set with HPW high-pressure pump (piston-to-piston type), foam mixer (0-6%) and multi-purpose nozzle gun: foam, mist and point nozzles in one tool. The system is driven by the vehicle engine through PTO hydraulics: auxiliary power generators for generators, "PowerPacks", CAFS compressors, etc. available.


HPW-FIRE-250 - Fire Fighting set for water high pressure pumps
Fire fighting pistol with quick coupling exchangeable fog, piercing and foam nozzle . All nozzles are equipped with quick coupling enable fast and easy attachment to handle. Attach applicable nozzle rod to the handle depending on fire fighting task. Fire fighting kit comprises following components: High pressure water pump HPW200/30-45. Note external documents (HPW_manual_ENG, HPW200-30-45_DATA_ENG.) Spray pistol handle, (pressure hose 10 m). Quick coupling tool attachable. Fog nozzle. Thick high pressure fog blanket for extinguishing large areas in flames. Small droplets ensure low water usage and damage. Lowers burn temperature efficiently. Rapid efficiency temperature drop. Piercing nozzles 60 and 170. Rapid piercing through wall with instant extinguishing mode. Prevents extra oxygen access to strengthen flames. Foaming agent / water injector. Throughput max. 25 l/min, adjustable foam content 0 -6%. Attach to the HPW pump water inlet. Agent/water mixer valve. Sucks agent from foam reservoir Foam nozzle. If adjust more air > Bigger bubbles and foam is spongy. Less air > Smaller bubbles.