Our hydraulic pumps for single-acting tools are designed for mobile use and can also be used in production.

We use high-quality standard hydraulic components from well-known manufacturers. Service friendliness and a long service life are therefore guaranteed.
The construction is robust but as light as possible in order to facilitate transport.
All pumps are equipped with couplings from the Swedish manufacturer CEJN as standard. This system is customary in the industry and guarantees compatibility with tools from the following brands:
Other couplings can be installed on request.


Battery powered hydraulic pump for single acting tools, with interchangeable battery, 700 Bar (10.000 psi)
This pump operates in any position and is suitable due to their light weight and the  supplied neck strap is ideal for mobile use Pressure switch off at maximum pressure is reached Mode: Cutting / Crimping Thermal fuse to prevent overheating State of charge control Turnable hydraulic connection Optionally available solid transport case Shipment: - BGH-700 Battery Electric Hydraulic Pump - Remote control 2m - DEWALT rechargeable battery  18 V / 5,0 Ah Li-Ion - DEWALT Charger
Battery powered hydraulic pump for single acting tools, with interchangeable battery, 700 Bar (10.000 psi)
This pump is ideal for mobile use due to its light weight and the supplied carrying strap Pressure cutoff when maximum pressure is reached Operation directly on the pump possible Rotatable hydraulic connection Delivery: - PM-P5 cordless hydraulic pump - Hand cable remote control - MAKITA replaceable battery 18 Volt / 5.0 Ah Li-Ion - MAKITA charger
HYDRA FUTURE - Battery hydraulic pump with integrated battery for single acting tools
For use with internally fitted battery or mains operation 230V/50Hz up to 850bar Automatic recognition of pressure demand with cut off function when required pressure is reached (20-850 bar). Useable for all tools with an oil demand up to 900 ml Maximum output oil pressure can be preset by software to suit customers requirements, e.g. 700bar Energy saving mode – Pump switches off 10 minutes after last cycle or at low battery Battery safety function – Pump switch off by low battery, controlled by electronic system Automatic cut off when no load after working cycle (i.e. punching tools in order to protect dies and save energy) o Solid plastic housing – (control buttons, coupling devices and display are well prodected) 66 Volt Li-Ion Battery – The capacity of the battery is sufficient for one working day of electric installation work, standard 4,2 Ah optional: 6,3 Ah DC-Disk engine max. 1500 W optioal: max. 4000 W Cable remote control optional: wireless remote control optional: foot switch Pressure control at the LED display (integratet pressure sensor) Shipment: - Battery hydraulic pump with integral batter - Charger - Cable remote control
Hydraulic foot pump for single-acting tools
Robust and durable metal design (no plastic parts) Double piston pump with automatic delivery switching (low pressure - high pressure) at 20 bar Coupling sleeve CEJN series 115 Very high capacity in fast feed (ND): 17 cm³ Delivery rate in the high pressure range (HD): 1.7 cm³ Manometer optionally available Transport case optionally available Working pressure (standard): 700 bar, optionally available with 500 to 850 bar Usable oil quantity: 1.3 liters Weight: 8.5 kg
Hydraulic power pack with 230 Volt electric engine for singe acting tools
230 Volt electrohydraulic pump 375 watts 4-pole motor for high torque, starting under pressure is possible The controller detects the signal from the angle sensor of our busbar processing center SSBZ Function: Extend - Hold position under pressure - Retract Stable ALU protective cover 2 liters of hydraulic tank Optional accessories: Hand control (jogging control) footswitch
Hydraulic power unit with gasoline engine for single acting tools
Powerful, universally applicable pumps with powerful robust 4-stroke petrol engine, suitable for all kind of single acting tools Low weight Powerful 2,8 HP HONDA engine (GX100) Mechanical control valve at the end of the hoses = remote controlEspecially suitable for the installation work Built-in pressure relief valve protects against overload 3 meter hydraulic hoses
MHP2-12L - Hydraulic hand pump for single-acting tools, with two-stage hydraulics, 500/625/700bar
Hand pump with two-stage hydraulics including pressure gauge For single-acting tools Two-stage hydraulics 40 cm³ per stroke in the low pressure range up to 20 bar (fast feed) 3 cm³ per stroke in the high pressure range up to 700 bar Maximum pressure: optionally 500/625/700 bar (individually adjustable at the factory on request) Tank size: 12 liters
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