PowerSplit gap punch for round holes for sheet steel (S235), D=63,5mm (M63)

Hole diameter
Product number: BLR63,5-PS
Product information "PowerSplit gap punch for round holes for sheet steel (S235), D=63,5mm (M63)"
  • Splitting die design, for manual and hydraulic operation.
  • The sheet metal punch system for effortless, quick and burr-free punching of sheet metal and plastics.
  • The newly developed cutting geometry makes it possible to work with less effort thanks to the reduced cutting pressure requirement. The material wear is significantly reduced. The loads on the hydraulic seals are significantly reduced.
  • The splitting of the waste prevents jamming in the die or on the screw. The waste can be easily removed.
  • Connection thread for tension screw / tension axle:
    - M 19 mm (3/4 "UNF) up to a material thickness of 2.5 mm - Pre-drilling: 20.4 mm
    - M 9.5 mm (3/8 "UNF) up to a material thickness of 2 mm - Pre-drilling: 10.5 mm 
  • Plastics: up to 3mm material thickness
From a diameter greater than 60mm for ST37 and for VA in general, we recommend the use of hydraulic tools.
In the case of hand-operated sheet metal punches (with hexagonal screws), the friction in the thread is so strong that the tension screw is worn out after repeated use. We therefore do not accept any guarantee for the tension screw.
There is no friction with hydraulically operated tie rods. They are therefore suitable for continuous use.