JOY-1-GEO - self-propelled drill



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Product number: HYDRA JOY-1-GEO
Product information "JOY-1-GEO - self-propelled drill"
These units are built with small dimensions but for high operating performance and are particularly suitable for use in confined spaces and for all types of soil.
The machine can be equipped with radio control.
Hydraulic drilling machine JOY-1-GEO
Light series drilling machine for making vertical or inclined holes. Different types of operating heads can be mounted on the machine to carry out different drilling techniques:
  • With Auger
  • By rotopercussion hammers
  • Drilling with air
  • Down-the-hole hammer drilling
All drilling machines can be equipped with a removable hydraulic center, so that safe work is possible in closed or dangerous spaces.
The use of these drilling units is particularly suitable for all companies, as they are compact and easy to transport even with medium-sized vehicles. The machine is particularly suitable for the following work, both indoors and outdoors:
  • Foundation excavations
  • Minipiles
  • Tie rods
  • Test drilling
  • small fountain / wells
Equipped with:
  • Tracked chassis with hydraulic motors and negative safety brake
  • Support frame complete with hydraulic supports with articulated plates and shut-off valves for machine positioning, hydraulic cylinders with articulated connections for inclination of the derrick
  • Hydraulic unit with quiet diesel engine approx. 29 KW, exhaust class STAGE V, triple pump, electrovalves, oil tank complete with filter, filler cap, drain, sight level
  • Fuel tank with filler cap, drain and level
  • 6 lever valves to control the working position of the machine
  • 8 lever valves to control the drill head and the clamp
  • Height adjustment for raising / lowering the mast, stroke 500mm
  • Electrical system with command center, safety switch, rotating beacon and headlights for the work area

Technical specifications
  • Length: 1420 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Sliding jaws: 230 mm
  • Rolls: 3 + 3
  • Stabilizers: 4-3
  • Output: approx. 35 hp
  • Sound insulation: 80 dB
Drilling slide
  • Length depending on: 1250/1750/2250/35050 mm
  • Thrust: 2000 kg
  • Train: 2000 kg
  • Vertical carriage right left / right: 15 ° / 15 ° hydraulic or 90 ° / 90 ° hydraulic and mechanical
  • Counter slide: +500 mm
  • Double clamping jaws with unscrewing device: MD135 Øi 250 mm / MD205 Øi 200
  • Minimum / maximum torque: variable / variable 3432 - 5883 Nm
  • With minimum equipment: 1450 kg
Optional accessories:
  • Carriage SL-200, hub 1250 mm
  • Tried the carriage by 500 mm
  • Tried the carriage by 1000 mm
  • Tried the carriage by 2000 mm
  • Double clamp with screw-on function Ø 135 mm
  • Double clamp with screw-on function Ø 205 mm
  • TR-22 drill head with hollow shaft and hammer THOR-18
    Rotation: 60 l / min. at 180 bar, 280 rpm, 980 Nm 
    Impact: 25 l / min. at 180 bar, 1600 min-1 
  • TR-150 drill head with hollow shaft and hammer THOR-62
    Rotation: 80 l / min. at 180 bar, 320 min-1, 1570 Nm 
    Impact: 30 l / min. at 180 bar, 1600 min-1 
  • TR-350 drill head with hollow shaft, swivel joint
    Rotation: 90 l / min. at 180 bar, 280 min & supmin; ¹, 3432 Nm 
  • TR-600 drill head with hollow shaft, swivel joint
    Rotation: 90 l / min at 180 bar, 240 min-1, 5883 Nm 
  • TR-600-V high-speed drill head for stony ground
  • Water / air connection head 2 "low pressure (20 bar)
  • remote control
  • Screw pump 150 l / min. at 30 bar
  • 900 kg winch with 25 meters of rope
  • Turntable for carriage 90 ° right / 90 ° left
  • Turntable for carriage 15 ° right / 15 ° left

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