HVB350/27-80 - Hydraulisch angetriebene Vibrationspumpe für die Montage am Bagger 7-20 Tonnen, 80 L/min

DYNASET · HVB-350/27-80


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Product number: HVB-350/27-80
Product information "HVB350/27-80 - Hydraulisch angetriebene Vibrationspumpe für die Montage am Bagger 7-20 Tonnen, 80 L/min"
Die Pumpe erzeugt eine Pulsation (oszillierende Bewegung) im Hydraulikkreislauf am Schaufelzylinder des Baggers. Dadurch vibriert nur der vordere Aufbau am Bagger, nach dem Zylinder. Die Mechanik des Armes wird geschont und Ihr Bagger verwandelt sich in ein Multifunktionswerkzeug.
Das ermöglicht Ihnen z. B.:
  • Lockern und aufreißen von gefrorenem/verdichteten Bodens
  • Bodenverdichtung
  • Pfähle eintreiben
  • Asphalt schneiden
  • Ölmenge: 80 L/min
  • Arbeitsdruck: max. 350 bar
  • Vibrationsfrequenz: 19 Hz
  • Volumenveränderung: 27 cm³
  • Gewicht: 13 kg
Dynaset is the global leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors. Dynaset hydraulic equipment converts a mobile machine's hydraulic power into electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet and vibration. The Dynaset products are used for hundreds of applications in various industries all around the world.
Innovative technology
Dynaset technology increases the productivity of mobile machinery from small vehicles to heavy machines. The company has experience of all hydraulic systems and expertise of integration with different machine brands. Company's technology is based on utilizing a machine's hydraulic system as the power source. The hydraulic equipment operates without secondary engines, scheduled maintenance and emissions, making Dynaset also the most ecological choice.
Highest quality
Dynaset products are manufactured by skilled personnel in Finland. Highest quality in design and manufacturing, selected subcontractors and parts guarantee the most compact, reliable and powerful hydraulic equipment. The best power-to-size ratio ensures the easiest installation on all mobile machines. All the Dynaset equipment is individually tested and adjusted for the customer.
About us
Dynaset is fast-growing Finnish company operating globally in all industrial countries. Our co-operation network is expanding constantly. In addition to our wide dealer network, we have also sales offices in China and Russia. We are pioneering company having created an industry of our own. Helping customers to take advantage of new technology solutions is at core of our business. Owing to the company's wide product range, variety of product applications and flexibility, Dynaset is able to meet the needs of even the most demanding and large scale customers. We are dedicated to creating the most innovative solutions towards a new better world of machinery.