HKR1300 - Hydraulically driven compressed air screw compressor 1,300 L/min. at max. 8 bar (116 PSI)

Product number: HKR-1300/10-37
Product information "HKR1300 - Hydraulically driven compressed air screw compressor 1,300 L/min. at max. 8 bar (116 PSI)"
  • Efficiency: 1,300 L/min. at max. 10 BAR (145 PSI)
  • Oil flow: 37 L/min at max. 230 BAR
    (Range: 27 up to max. 47 L/min.)

HKR screw compressors are designed for continuous operation and can therefore be operated continuously. 

There are various additional options available for this compressor, allowing it to be used in all conditions and in all work environments.
It is also available with an additional hose reel, which makes the unit even more flexible for mobile use. The compressed air hose is protected from damage by rolling up and can be stored to save space.

Newly developed low-noise hydraulic motors
The newly developed, low-noise hydraulic motors are integrated in the hydraulic HKR screw compressors. The compressors benefit in many ways.
The biggest change is certainly the significantly reduced sound power level there. Not only does this make the engine noise more pleasurable for the ear, the frequency and structure of the sound have a far greater influence on the perception of sound, which have been significantly improved with the new engine and make it seem almost silent. High-frequency sound perceives the human ear as unpleasant and high sound amplitudes as painful. When developing the Dynaset motors, the sensitivity of the ear with regard to sound structure and frequency was taken into special account. The engine noise is perceived as much quieter and more pleasant and improves the working conditions and the user handling considerably.
The quiet engines are also more efficient and durable. By reducing the friction occurring lower heat loss and less wear can be achieved. Also, the operating temperature drops. The new shaft seal on the engine is designed for higher pressures. DYNASET silent hydraulic motors are easy to identify due to their black finish and Dynaset logo
The new DYNASET silent hydraulic motors offer the user clear advantages:
  • Lower sound pressure level
  • Lower frequency
  • Pleasant sound structure
  • Lower mechanical friction
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower operating temperature
  • Higher durability