F200C - Attachment recycling shears for mini excavators

Opening jaw
Weight of the carrier
Product number: EG-F200C
Product information "F200C - Attachment recycling shears for mini excavators"
Attachment scrap shears for light mini excavators.
Scissors with a narrow knife shape. Also ideally suited for cables, ropes and pipes.
  • For cutting steel-armored cables up to Ø 200 mm
  • For cutting steel profiles, car bodies, cable ducts, power poles, etc.
  • Including 360 ° rotation

 Opening width 
 Depth of mouth 
Cutting force
 Excavator weight 
 Work pressure 
  Oil demand 
EG-F-200-C205 mm158 mm
A: 736 kN
B: 500 kN
C: 275 kN
1,5 - 3 ton200 bar100 L/min1043x220x325 mm178 kg