DOA SP65 - Hydraulically driven submersible pump with open inlet, 8000 L / min.

Product number: DOA SP-65
Product information "DOA SP65 - Hydraulically driven submersible pump with open inlet, 8000 L / min."
Extremely powerful portable slurry pump.
  • Maximum delivery rate: 8,000 L / min.
  • Maximum head: 39 meters
  • max.passage: 65 mm
  • Hydraulic inlet: 60-100 L / min. at 150-350 bar
  • Hose connection: 6"BSP-IG
  • Weight 135 kg

  • With the optional SG-6 vortex head, it enables sediments to be swirled up and then pumped out.
  • Due to the large inlet opening, it guarantees a large free passage and clog-free operation.
  • Attachment device for excavators available
  • Cuts on the impeller shred larger suspended matter. Clogging of the lines is minimized.
  • Submersible (no preparation required)
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Drying out without any damage
  • Lifting eye and handle
  • Hose whips with flat-face connections (ISO-16028)
  • Wing nut for easy bowl changes and cleaning
  • Conditionally suitable for salt water. Clean after use. No 24 hour operation in salt water possible.
Properties from "DOA SP65 - Hydraulically driven submersible pump with open inlet, 8000 L / min."
Drive: Hydraulic connection, constant flow rate
Förderleistung: ab 8000 L/min
Grain / passage: 65 mm
Hose connection: 6" BSP-IG (female)
Hydraulic oil flow input: 60-100 L/min.
Max. oil flow output: 8.000 L/min.
Max. pumping height: 39 Meter
Working pressure: 150 - 350 bar
DOA name comes from the initials of Dinamica Olio Acciai (Dynamic Oil and Steel), the acronym synthetize the type of our production, DOA is a company specialized in the production of portable hydraulic tools. In short our philosophy is innovative spirit, pursuit of quality and close collaboration whith the customers.
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